Hello :)

Kpop is usually known for it's songs with electric and catchy beats. For example, I bet y'all know a catching kpop song called Oppa Gangnam Style Haha!

BUT I can assure you that korean pop isn't always about the catchy beats. There are kpop songs you can dance to and there are soft kpop songs you can put on your rainy day playlist as well.
Here's the list to some kpop ballads beautifully written that I chose to put on this article because it shows that kpop songs can also be really touching.

bts, aesthetic, and white image album and monsta x image bts image bts and ynwa image

1) House of Cards by BTS;

2) When I Saw You by Bumkey;

3) Stay with me by Punch feat. Chanyeol;

4) Save Me by BTS;

5) Hellevator by Stray Kids;

6) Lonely by Jonghyun;

7) Breathe by Lee Hi;

8) You In Me by KARD;

9) Don't Wanna Cry by Seventeen;

10) Perfect Girl by Monsta X;

11) Spring Day by BTS;

12) Serendipity by BTS.

Hope you enjoy it!