Hello my loves, welcome to day 2 of my writing challenge. Today’s topic is Pet Peeves

Also I never introduced myself so here’s a quick intro

What up, I'm Billie, I'm 16 and I never fucking learned how to read.

1). Close the door bitch!

One of my biggest pet peeves is when someone leaves the door open to my room. It WAS CLOSED BEFORE YOU CAME IN SO CLOSE IT WHEN YOU LEAVE.

Image by ambar
CloSe the door

2). I don’t care if you have one black friend.

Ironically, as I write this, some white girl behind me is saying it. I don’t think anything annoys me more then when some non black human says the n word. I’m not just talking about white people, I’m talking non black poc too. juST BECAUSE YOUR SKIN IS A LITTLE BROWN DON’t MEAN SHIT. And being 5% black don’t count so sit down Susan. I do know some black people that don’t care but there are some (like me) that really care and will say some shit when you do. You are not saying the n word in my house.

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3). I have headphones in Carrie!

If there is a cord plugged into my phone and little things in my ear thAT MEANS I HAVE HEADPHONES IN AND I WONT HEAR WHAT YOU SAY. honestly it’s mostly older people that do this but some young people do it also. Anyway, I listen to my music really loudly so you bet your egg roll that I can’t hear shit.

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4). Shit, it’s 4pm and I just woke up.

This is probably one that not a lot of people can relate to, but I am a morning person. I love walking up at 7 on the weekends and have a peaceful breakfast with my dog. I don’t like walking up later then 10, which is late for me. I put 4pm to exaggerate my point. BuT I do hate waking up late with a passion.

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Thanks for listening to me rant, i guess.

xoxo, gossip girl