Hello lovelies! So this is just some ideas of what my next dream room would look like.

  • A bed (of course) but i'm not quit sure what kind of bed i'd get i'm thinking a day bed.
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  • White comforters

I honestly think the whole white comforter would really make the room look much more nicer.

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  • A clothing rack

I would love to have a clothing rack because every single time i move into a new place my closet is always so small.

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  • A Vanity

I would absolutely love to have a vanity to practice getting better with my makeup.

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  • A Desk

A desk would be pretty handy since i go to school online.

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  • A Mirror

to take lots of fire selfies

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  • A record player and some records

I'd love for my room to have a vintage kinda look to it as well so i'd possibly hang some up on the wall.

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