a lot recently ive been reflecting on my life and the fact that we only get one shot at life, so why waste it by making it all about others and worrying all the time? we have so many opportunities to live and experience things. these are things that make life worth living.


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surround yourself with beautiful, interesting and genuine human beings.


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theres something about museums that alters reality, beautiful murals and masterpieces and sculptures that everyone comes together to see.

the world.

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get to know your beautiful home.


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thousands of random people gather to scream lyrics as loud as they can? count me in.


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movies are the literally the best thing on earth


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there is no better feeling then getting lost in a book and forgetting your in a public setting, and not being able to put it down because youre so immersed.


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dress however the fuck you want to.


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good music takes me to another planet.


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whether its on a boy, girl, best friend, pet, celebrity, someone who doesnt even know your name, love is everywhere and important.


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words are books, poems, intense discussions, confessions, inspirations. they are so important and beautiful and complex.


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experience shit


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life = the most beautiful thing.