Worth it?
I hurt myself so much,
And I keep hurting myself every day.
Worth it?
I feel that I'm wasting time,
And also my sanity.
Worth it?
He wants to change me,
And I swore to keep my essence.
Worth it?
I lived so little,
And my heart is already broken.
Worth it?
He says he loves me,
And he acts like he doesn't love me.
Worth it?
He says I'm his girl,
And still think of the others girls.
Worth it?
He has been drinking,
And that hasn't gotten him to talk.
Worth it, girl?
Your mind is a whirlwind of memories of when you were sincere with yourself.
Maybe you've insisted on hope that someday those good times will come back.
But my dear...
Worth it?
You know the truth.
He just wanted a trophy,
And he will not take care of it...
'Cause to conquer you isn't longer an obligation.

By A.N. ...
It's me.