A few years ago if you asked me to read something I would be very likely to say no, if you asked what my favorite book was I would say none. I used to hate reading, it made my eyes hurt and sometimes it would give me headaches. I have read somewhere that if someone says that they do not like reading it is because they have not found the right book for them. I can deeply relate to this phrase. When I was arround the ages of thirteen and fourteen I saw this book at a book store, I thought it was interesting and decided to give it a chance; usually it took me around six months to finish a one hundred and fifty pages book, this one was three hundred and I finished it in two months. That single book changed my life, I have fallen in love with reading and tend to always carry a book around anywhere I go.
My favorite books are those of fantasy and science fiction. Reading makes me happy because it helps me escape reality to dive into a completely new world where everything is possible.

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A few days ago I was listening to one of my playlists on spotify while getting ready in the morning. I realized I could not kepp myself from dancing, singing (quietly), laughing and smiling. I may be a terrible musician and singer, but I realized how happy it made me to listen to it. We like music so much because we can relate to the lyrics and we love the rythm, we feel like they express what we don't say or show, what we may keep to ourselves. Music changes the world.

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Fantasy hepls me escape reality and makes it easier to deal with things Ithat are bothering me at the moment, I dive into a new world full of everything and many new and different things.

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4. Nature
The feeling of fresh air, the bright sun and the smell of freshly wet grass covered in flowers, tall trees and mist covering the mountains.

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Nothing can make me happier than seeing someone truly smile, seeing people happy or making them happy, even the smallest laugh, seeing a glimpse of happines in someone else's face is enough to make my day better and melt my heart.

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6. Rainbows
In my religion rainbows are the promise of a new world, besides they tend to come after the rain or near the water, and I just love rain and waterfalls. They are full of colors proving that life is still beautiful even if bad things are happening around.

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7. ART
Every pice of art big or small, famous or not they all contain a meaning, they express something and contain part of the soul of the artist, it is full of creativity and imagination it has no boundaries, no limits. Art generates love and explodes creativity, it is a way of communication that has existed for thousands of years.

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Being positive, smiling and laughing, trying to focus on the good things that life has to offer, seeing the happiness that surounds us and not letting anything bring me down. I will fight against the weight that the world or society try to push on me to bring me down, because even if sometimes life can be hard and full of negtive things, good things will always be there to lift me up.

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No, I am not talking about the TV show (Although it is great and I love it). My friends and spendidng time with them makes me happy. They always find a way to make me laugh until my stomach hurts (Or until I start choking, it has happened) and there is mostly always a smile on my face when I am around them. They are loyal and always supportive with each other, my definition of a good and helathy friendship.

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10. LIFE
Life can be pretty bad sometimes, it has its ups and downs, but that is just the way life is, they help us get better and learn from situations, we can not live without them, even our heartbeat is made out of ups and downs. In order to apreciate life and enjoy it you just have to focus on the good things and not let anything bring you down, wake up with a smile and fall asleep with one. Just look around, find something nice, something beautiful, and focus on that, because life is full of things like that and many people miss on that because they let the world bring them down. Society has turned us into people who overreact over the smallest, most unsignificant bad thing so that we can not focus on the good things. Life has a lot to offer and you could be missing on it right now. GO AND ENJOY LIFE.

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-Personal note:
I really hope you liked this article and got to learn a few things about me. I will be uploading the rest of the writting challenge through the days. And I apologize if there is any sort of grammatical or other mistakes, I am good at english but it isn't my first language.