Hello everyone!! Today I will give you some tips I learned in school, I am still in high school, so I know it can be very difficult for you to study hard and have good grades being good in all subjects, and struggle to pass exams a few times. Being a good student will give you a good image, it will help you intellectually, and it can give you great academic opportunities. I hope these tips help you, and you can put them into practice!


You want to be an excellent student. But, what prevented you from doing it before? Sure, you always wanted to be a good student. You must recognize why, why you did not get very good grades in all this time. Recognize that why, perhaps it is, because you were afraid to speak when you knew the answers, because you did not trust enough in yourself, or any other reason. Write everything that prevented you from doing it in a notebook, and think that you are capable, because, that is why you entered this article, no? Because you CAN.

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Maybe when you thought about your mistakes, you identified the subjects that cost you the most. For example, most people find difficult subjects such as mathematics and economics. You can take your notes from the previous year, and review them a few more times. Thus, you will go to classes prepared and you will remember all the topics given above, and besides, you may be the only one. It is good to do it, since many times you must be clear about the topics of the previous year, as they will be included in the themes of this year.

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Be aware of the things that happen in the world, and do not forget to check the news often. Start watching the news in the morning, or maybe you can read the newspaper (I know, it can be boring to read the newspaper) but believe me, it will be very helpful. You will be seen as an independent and interesting person. By doing this you will express yourself more easily in class, you can contribute ideas and change your perspective of idea towards your country, and the world.

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Well, this is an obvious point, I know. But if you want to have outstanding grades, you should make an effort. You must be sure of your commitment to your school, because if you cross your arms halfway, you will ruin your reputation. Be clear that it is not easy to be the best. But if you try hard, you'll end up doing it.
Being responsible means studying with logic, doing your homework, proposing ideas, participating in social events at your school. and above all, show others that you are capable. Remember to keep a formal and respectful behavior always, this will help you to be a better student, and above all, a better person.

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Having a routine helps you to focus mentally, be more organized and be more structured. You can set a schedule for everything, even to relax for a while, you can look for inspiration from routines (morning routine, afternoon routine, or night routine), or create yourself a routine that fits your lifestyle. Your life will be more organized, and your mind will assimilate it feeling more motivated and happy.


Sure you heard it a thousand times, but it's true.
Having a good diet will help you stay healthy. And that is important. If you want to be an excellent student, do not forget your health. Do not leave aside your main needs for study, do not forget that you are first than your grades. Good health leads to good grades. Healthy habits never hurt, and you should consider them part of your routine.

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Reading has important benefits for our mind and our memory. It can also improve your spelling, and increase your concentration. So it would be beneficial if you read often to improve your study. And besides, reading is a cheap entertainment.

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Sleeping well is essential for your brain to work. If you are rested, you will feel better when you go to class. Remember that the important thing is the development in the classroom, so avoid getting late on weekdays.
You could also have tea or read a book before sleep, this will relax you and you will sleep fast.

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Do not think that you are worse than others, or that you can not achieve it. Do not compare yourself with others either. Keep in mind who you are, because that's what it's worth. Having security in yourself means being sure that you are capable, that you will achieve what you set out to do. You worked hard to reach your goal, so you will achieve it. Remember that we all have something to contribute and that each idea is worthwhile, do not be afraid to express yourself, even when you intuit that the response of others will not be the same as the one you are about to propose. Having security in you is a great virtue that few manage to develop. No doubt develop it, it will make you stand out much more.

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Our mind is very powerful. And sometimes without realizing it, we are to blame for our failures. Because, we are negative. In my own experience, life changes a lot when you start being positive. Having a positive mind will make things flow better, and make you a calmer person. Remember to be positive, always positive even when everything is against you. You will grow intellectually and personally, as well as provide happiness, and undoubtedly it is an important factor to be a good student.

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Although some may not believe it, this is a very important point. Having a good appearance, you will give a good impression to others, so it will be easier to take you as an example for learning. Take care of your skin and your hygiene, and strive also for your hair. It will give you a cleaner and healthier canvas, and you will feel better with yourself.

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That's all guys. I hope you had liked this article, and i hope this will help you. Bye!!

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