1. Skin Care xo
When you first think of a model perfect glowy skin is probably one of the first things in mind. There are so many videos on YouTube explaining how each model achieves their perfect flawless skin, but you see their skin care routine is especially put together for their own skin type. In order to have your own flawless skin is to research. Research which products suit your specific skin type and when to use them throughout the day.

Something else that a lot of people don’t consider that I think is worth mentioning is diet. From my own research I’ve learned that acne appearing on your forehead is because of your diet. For example; I do not react to dairy products well, so whenever I have too much I can begin to break out. (This is just my example it is different for everyone. Please keep that in mind.) So, research and improving your diet are one of the first steps to improving your skin.

2.Drink Water xo
Once again, those videos on YouTube about models explaining how they stay healthy usually includes them saying that they are constantly drinking water. To me when I first heard that I was a bit skeptical about the thought; I never realized water of all things actually had an impact on me other than hydration. Turns out those models are right, water is very good to clear your skin, boost your energy, improve your hair and teeth, (etc.)

3.Good posture xo
Walking well and straight is something that models are notorious for. They are constantly practicing for catwalks in big shows in places like New York and LA. But they don’t just walk straight just for the catwalks, they know that having good posture makes you look confident and sure of yourself. I think that we can all admit that we can sometimes slouch and forget that good posture prevents spine problems and just looks bad, so why not? It seems easy enough and is only in our benefit.

4.Exercise often; as much as needed to stay in shape xo
There are many different types of models, athletic models, fashion models, plus size models, lingerie models, and much more. But something that all of them have in common is that they always exercise. Whether it’s because they want to stay healthy or are wanting to lose a bit of weight and yet still stay healthy. Exercising is something else that is meant to benefit you, and the more you do it the more fit and healthier you may become. One thing to remember is that everyone’s build is different and depending on your reason to exercise you’ll probably be exercising differently than a supermodel, and that’s okay.

Alright love ya babes, mwah xx