hi babes, here is another article coming to a we heart it near you! as the new school semester is nearing you may be feeling a little unprepared and anxious. it's only a few days until i go to school after a long summer break! so here are some tips for getting back into school. i hope these school tips help you and will make going back to school a little more positive.

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one) school supplies!
okay, this is definitely my favourite! get a cute pencil case and fill it with your fav stationery as well as decorating your books. you can use pictures washi and stickers! this will motivate you and you will be lookin' cute with your aesthetic school supplies!

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two) clean and organised
make sure you have all your books, binders and folders organised. keep everything in one spot on your desk and have a folder for each subject. make sure you don't have random pieces of paper everywhere, rather have them all in one neat place!

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three) stay clam and don't procrastinate
when you are overwhelmed with work, remember to stay clam. try your best not to procrastinate and leave your homework/study for the day before it's due or when the exam is. write lots of to do lists, this will help you be productive and when you have one list of everything you need to do, it will get done!

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four) don't make it boring, have a good attidude!
go to school each day with a positive attitude. talk to your friends and enjoy class. take advantage and focus on what you are learning. if you maintain this angle of looking at school i assure you that your diligence, grade and overall attitude towards school will change.

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five) be a new version of yourself!
a new school year, a fresh start! if you wanted to join school clubs, sports or activities, go for it! be confident and make some new friends. if you din't get the grades you wanted last year, now is your chance to shine! put effort into your appearance and learn to love and care for yourself.

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thank you so much for reading n' i hope this article helped you! ilysm, mia xo 🌙✨💕