day thirty: your highs and low for the month.

What are my highlights for this whole challenge, well firstly, I think it was the fact that I got to be intentionally creative. This challenge, had me writing every single day, causing me to think about what I was writing. To think outside of the square. To put in a little extra effort.

But in like my regular life, I'll start with my lows, the heat has been unbearable because it's summer. Thats it. I hate summer.

But let's move on to the more happy and better parts of this month:

1. I have managed to put up more posts on my blog.
2. It has been raining for the past 2 days. Umm, yes please.

rain, aesthetic, and japan image

3. I cut my hair, after 5 months of wanting to do it.
4. I got some new bedsheets.

cozy, autumn, and bed image

5. Donated clothes to our local Salvation Army.
6. I FINALLY WATCHED THE GREATEST SHOWMAN. (10/10 would recommend)

zendaya, gif, and the greatest showman image

7. Wore a bathing suit for the first time, in public.
8. Finally started taking more photos on my Polaroid.

photo, memories, and photography image

9. Got mum's home cooked meals for two months. (University holidays are the best.)
10. My best friend started living with us.

Temporarily removed

This challenge has finally come to an end. What a month it has been. Hopefully you'll partake in this challenge, or you've felt inspired or just enjoyed reading them.

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