Go fishing at the right time is essential for a successful fishing trip. You can not catch anything if you go at a bad time, even if you have the best place to do it and all the right equipment. There are several factors that must be considered to decide when to take your rod and attack.

1. Consider the time of day.
Fish are cold-blooded, so their activity depends on the temperature of the water around them.They are inactive when it is cold and they retreat to the depths to stay cool when it is very hot. They are more active when the insects are small and those that eat. Fishing is good when the sea air is warm and there are many mosquitoes.

2. Be alert for cold and hot surges.
The fish are impacted by the temperature of the water because they are cold-blooded. This means that their behavior can change quite before and after a cold or hot wave.

- Many fish increase their diet in the hours before there is a cold wave and decrease it in the aftermath. In such a way, fishing after a cold surge will rarely be a satisfying adventure.
-The hot surges heat the surface water and increase the amount of feed that the fish can make. The difference is more noticeable in the cold weather, when the fish do not usually leave much, and it will not be much help if it is summer and if the temperature is already very high.

3. Make the moon your friend
The moon controls the tide, which represents a great role in the conditions for fishing. It is very easy to follow the flow just by looking, but it may be useful to pay more attention to the movements of the moon. Full moons and times when the moon is close to Earth often contribute to good fishing.There are many free online lunar calendars designed to help you find the peak hours to fish.