Hello guys, I'm Amber, I hope you like what I write, I do it with a lot of love!

Every month I will do this article about my favorite songs, ( it will also be in Spanish )

they are not all new songs



:) David Guetta ft Justin Bieber / 2U

justin bieber image
blue, theme, and aesthetic image

:) DJ Khaled ft Justin Bieber Lil Wayne .... // Im the One

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flowers, yellow, and rose image

:) Brock Berrigan // The Celebrating Song

city, night, and light image
couple, hands, and dark image

:) Seether ft Amy Lee // Broken

rose, red, and flowers image
red, aesthetic, and purple image

:) Bring Me The Horizon // Can You Feel My Heart

bmth, bring me the horizon, and wallpaper image
bring me the horizon, quotes, and broken image
demon, quotes, and grunge image

(this song is very funny) :) MC Kevinho // Olha a Explosao

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:) Logic ft Alessia Cara , Khalid // 1-800-273-8255

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:) Zayn ft Sia // Dusk Till Dawn

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red, sky, and sunset image

:) Shawn Mendes // There's Nothin Holdin' Me Back

boys, shawn mendes, and guitar image
bird, sea, and sky image