Hi guys, welcome to my fourth article, today we will talk about young people, beautiful singers full of talent, of course, the list is based on my musical tastes, I hope you like it, good reading.

celebrity, goals, and maggie lindemann image girl, maggie lindemann, and makeup image
Maggie Lindemann 19 years. favourite song: Pretty Girl.
madison beer, makeup, and madison image girl, madison beer, and smile image
Madison Beer 18 years. Favourite song: Dead.
demi lovato, demi, and singer image demi lovato image
Demi Lovato 25 years. Favourite song: confident, échame la culpa, this is me.
goals and selena gomez image selena gomez, selena, and celebrity image
Selena Gomez 25 years. Favourite song: Kill Em With Kindness, bad liar.
lana del rey image lana del rey image
Lana Del Rey 32 years. Favourite song: young and beautiful, born to die, blue jeans, summertime sadness.
melanie martinez, crybaby, and cry baby image melanie martinez image
Melanie Martinez 22 years. Favourite song: Pity party, cry baby, dollhouse.
halsey image halsey image
Halsey 23 years. Favourite song: now or never, bad love, colors.
ariana grande, ariana, and grande image goals, ariana grande, and snapchat image
Ariana Grande 24 years. Favourite song: beauty and the beast, into you, focus.
lali esposito image goals and lali esposito image
Lali Esposito 26 years. Favourite song: unico, tu novia, boomerang.

what do you think? whom do you prefer?
I hope you enjoyed it, see you next time!