lately I've been thinking about some things I want to work on, and want I want to do in the future. so i decided to make a list of things I want to do and improve on throughout 2018:

food, healthy, and fruit image food, healthy, and boy image
eat healthier
fitness, body, and yoga image body, fitness, and goals image
start working out more
aesthetic, bottle, and daylight image fruit, raspberries, and water image
drink more water
friends, summer, and fruit image book image
make time for myself
hair, girl, and blue image hair, maggie lindemann, and blue image
dye my hair
palm trees, rain, and rainy image theme and unfiltered image
go on more adventures
planner, diary, and bullet image bullet, diary, and journal image
make a bullet journal
aesthetic, sign language, and hands image idiomas, pintura, and vida image
learn a new language