I live my life to be who I am. Not to be what my parents want or my friends. I will live my life to the maximum! I will not be brought down by peoples negative comments or dirty looks, they can try to be none supportive, but I will take that and use it as a complement. Because I am different, I'm not going to relive there youth years for them, I'm going to make my own! I will be me in all I do. I won't be discouraged because people thought I would make the perfect daughter, sister, and friend. We all have flaw we can't help that. we must learn from them and deiced if they were bad mistakes or life lessons. When I make a mistake I will try to fix it, I will not be put in a box and be told what to say, walk and do. I am a human not a dog, I won't do things on commands. I will always be me no matter what!
I Live My Life!