Hello my dears!
Ok first a Little Disclaimer: All the products I recommend in here are mostly austrian products!

And they are linked at the end of the articel!


In the morning you want to get all the dirt out of your face that Comes to your face while sleep threw pillows...

1. Washinjg my face

First I wash my face with most of the time cold water to just wake me up but after that I will wash it with warm/hot water to open my pores and then go in with a cleansing gel from deese or a normal Hand sope and for you that might Sound gross to just use Soap but it is actually really helpfull abd I Kind of 'feel' how it cleans my pores!

After that I will wash it with cold water before using anything else on my face.

2. Moisturize

Then I will mousturize with a Nivea cream and my Skin gets so smooth after These it's just amazing!

3. Apply Makeup

So I as good as never apply any Makeup because I know it is bad for my Skin!

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So at night you want to start 'protecting' for your sleep because the Skin gets the dirtiest in the night!

1. Take off Makeup

Now I just take off my Makeup and I only do it with a wattpad and nivea cream back at it again.

2. Mask time!

So just recently I bought an mask that is pretty nice I searched for a Long time after an mask that is like powder and then you mix it with water and THEN you use it! The one I have can be used as Peeling, mask or daily wash

3. Clean my face

Then I will wash my face with warm water again and with Soap or cleansing gel basically the same Thing as in the morning.

4. Tea tree oil

So then I use my favourite tea tree oil but only if I have any pimpels I will but it on there with a cottonswab and it really helps it drys the pimple out and it is just amazing.

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• Sleep Baby

So you Need around 8 hours of sleep so everything in your Body is fine which includes your Skin!

• Hair

Keep your hair away from your face I don't want to always Keep my hair in a ponytail but at least when you already have some pimpels you can watch out and Keep it up

Especially when you are sleeping it is important also I feel like it is more compfortable when you braid your hair when you're sleeping


You heard it 5000 times I heard it 50000 times and it's true so just freaking do it!


To Close your pores you should sometimes go over your face with some ice because when your pores are closed there won't be that much dirt getting into your Skin

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Cleansing gel:

Nivea Creme:

Mask :

So that was it for this short Little articel I hope you still liked it!