I love studying. You know, that's not what everyone's expecting me to say. Especially in an article like this. But I wanted to point this out: because, yeah, even a nerd can rant about school.

What I'm tired of isn't bullies or lack of motivation - in my country the school system is a bit different so I'm not complaining about that.
I'm gonna complain about the pressure and the stress students of all ages have when thinking about assignments, tests and homework. Is it really okay for teachers to do a surprise test just because they're mad?
In this article I'm supporting and giving advice to everyone who's feeling like this is an injustice - it doesn't matter where they are, or what's their age.

You're not a failure if...

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you aren't at the top of the class: being in the middle doesn't mean someone's worth more than you. You have a different learning method, remember, and also subjects you're more or less interested in/talented for.

you don't understand: try to think about what stops you from understanding that subject. Is it your study method? Or doesn't the teacher's way to explain fit you? Talk, exercise. I'm hopeless at Maths and I'm not sure I'll ever fully comprehend it, but I'm doing the best I can to pass the class: my classmates need only a quick-read, I have to approach slowly an expression.

You don't have to love school to...

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love learning: if you're like me and love reading, conferences, debates and are naturally curious, I think you know what I mean. School doesn't always teach you something useful, or interesting; it helps your memory, yes, but you don't have to love it to embrace new subjects. You can (and you have) to learn outside of school - let's also add that nothing revolves around Calculus.

make your way into the world: school isn't for everyone, we already know that. But I'm pretty sure most people dream to succeed, have a job, start new projects. Fight for what you want, let it come to life. This doesn't always mean you should graduate with excellent grades, or be a little genius.

You can make it with...

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starting to plan ahead of time: I'm not saying you have to know what to do in your future; just schedule your homewok time, don't study the day before (try to split the study in a week or so).

take notes, film the lesson, or so: find your best way to revise a lesson and understand a topic using the method that fits you and your schedule better. Are you a visual learner? Decorate and rewrite your notes to remember and have so a "mental photography" always with you. Stick post-its around your house, on the mirror, start doing summaries. And keep organized everything you can. It may seems unuseful at first, but you'll discover little things make big differencies.


  • don't stress over something with little or no importance
  • feel free to rest and let your emotions out
  • be sincere, not rude: giving hate doesn't fix your problems
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I hope this article has helped some students out there who cry at night because they think they're not worth it. I'm telling you are.
I understand how you feel - I'm a student too, after all. Sometimes you're just tired of the plethora of tests in just a week, that particular insane teacher who thinks "the more, the better".
I know you can do this.
We all can make it trough this. Day after day.

Hope you enjoyed my article!

– Eclypse