the world is full of people that don't understand how to love
as if they don't know how they make people feel
as if they feel good knocking you down
but if you find the music the makes the words of others not hurt as bad
then just set and listen until you find the right one that saves your soul
the music will feel as if every word goes straight to your heart

you know what people say to you isn't right, you know the truth
you know all they say is lies
so smile as the words of the music fells your mind

people are gonna be people
you know that know
so find the good people
they're out there, waiting for you
waiting to save you just like the music does
if you never find them then just stay with the music
at least the words wont hurt you
they'll just help you escape the darkness of the real world

-Royal Roreal

p.s. please tell me what you think , its my first time actually putting some of my poems out in the real world