Hello everyone! Today is the 25th of January and so here we are to answer to another question. Today I have to talk about what or who is really important to me. I decided to speak about a thing that is important and a who. Talking about an object that is important to me I would probably say my bullet journal because honestly that is where I keep track of my life. I honestly have no idea how I planned my life before this. I tried normal planners and even tried to use my phone’s calendar but I noticed that I never reached out for those so I just decided to go with my bujo and I don’t regret it not even a little. Now instead of speaking about someone in specific that is important I am going to talk about a group that I can’t live without and that is my family (in which I include my closest friends. They make my life so much better and bearable and I can never thank them enough for that. I hope I can keep them in my life for a as long as possible!

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