Hi everyone ! Hope you will enjoy it

So i make a little list of clothing i'm attached to. :P

#1 My new tartan trouser

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It remind me Harry but i find it so class, vintage and cool.

#2 My sweater Harry Styles

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Of course it remind me Harry but i want it since 2013 soooooo i'm proud of myself.

#3 my t shirts
I wear many t shirts where it's write many things like about series, movies or cities.

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I love it because it's either memories either express my feelings sometimes

#4 My sweaters
Ok, Ok i confess it's like my t shirts i have a lots and most of the time it's about series or cities i traveled.

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but i can't live without them, it's too cold outside for me.

#5 My boyfriend jeans
I love it because i buy it too small. It was like my body goal too fit in.

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ok i'm little sad because now it's too large i'm force to wear a belt

#6 My nike airforce 1
Ok i'm just in love with this models. I buy my first in 2015 i guess, i still wear them and i buy a new one and just wow.

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My new ones are rose and low