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Well, I go to second year of high school, the last step of school, and then start a new life. So I think it's important to take advantage of these last few years at school, so here are some things to do while you're in high school, see:

Dedicates himself further in the studies

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We have to devote ourselves to studies always, especially during high school, when we need even higher grades, entering a college or even to get a good job, terms that show a good school curriculum, because they will always accompany us in our life.

Learn a new language

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Learning a language can be done, whether you are in high school or not, but I think it's cool that during high school you learn a new language that you can have when traveling to another country or for you to study abroad.

Make new friends

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In high school is a great place to make new friends, so meet new people, people different from you. But do not forget your old friends, for they are also very important, they are the ones who are with you at all times.

Plan life after school

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During high school, it is important that you start planning your life after school, see what university you want to go to, the course you are going to study, or go to work, travel and more..then plan well.

Many photos

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Taking pictures for the souvenir is something you should do in high school. Take pictures with classmates, and their high school moments.

Play sports

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Practicing sports can be really cool, especially at school, where you can really train and participate in competitions, and even travel to another city with the team.

Plan the graduation party

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The graduation party is something that many people do, it can be a simpler party or something great, so it's good to start planning well, see how you can get money for the party, who's going to organize, among other things.

Graduation trip

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Some instead of the party, they will travel with colleagues or do both. A trip for many people has to be very well planned, choose the place, the hotel and many other things. This is a lot of work, so planning ahead is important.

Visual for graduation

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Choosing clothes, and makeup, and hairstyle, accessories to wear during graduation is a very fun thing to do, especially in the company of friends.

Solve the enmity

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In school, sometimes there is always enmity with someone, so try to solve this enmity, because it is not good to have rancor inside us.


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Have an unofficial farewell party on the last day of school, see photos taken, videos recorded over the years, sign your colleague's shirt and a day to remember for the rest of your life.

Well, I hope you enjoyed it, and being you will enter or are already in high school, enjoy this stage of life very well.

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