So here I am,
trying to understand why did you do that to me.
I blamed myself
I wanted to remember when I became such a stupid person,
And while I cried,
I remembered.

it was last year,
on November 9 to be precise,
the day I let you talk to me in the first place
your brown eyes and your damn perfect smile hypnotized me
I wondered if you were real,
Then we kissed and we started to date.
things were perfect, or is what i thought
Did you really feel what you were saying, or you said it just because the air is free?
As the days passed, you made me fall in love over and over again,
and suddenly things changed.

I regret having let you break my heart
you had that privilege that no one else will ever have,
Because I learned,
and now I will never let it happen again
because I want my heart in one piece until I find the right one.

I hope you find someone who is not as stupid as I was
and that you never see me again in your mediocre life,
Because if I see you,
I'll kill you.

I´m Mora, and I´m from Argentina so I don´t speak English and probably there are misspellings or whatever, so sorry. I hope you liked it, I'm new in this thing of the articles and I do not know if you like what I write so please let me know.

Bye <3