hello! as you can see, i really love articles. this time i want to show you some of my taste in music by doing this thing everyone does where i put a song i like for each letter of the alphabet and also try to make it as pretty as possible, enjoy.

(a) automatic stop ; the strokes

(b) be like you ; ed sheeran

(c) cherry ; lana del rey

(d) do me a favour ; arctic monkeys

cherry, quotes, and aesthetic image 90s, alex turner, and arctic monkeys image

(e) ease ; troye sivan

(f) freaking out the neighbourhood ; mac demarco

(g) gap ; the kooks

(h) house of gold ; twenty one pilots

troye sivan, Lyrics, and ease image the kooks, music, and grunge image

(i) idontwannabeyouanymore ; billie eilish

(j) junk of the heart ; the kooks

(k) kathleen ; catfish and the bottlemen

(l) love is a losing game ; amy winehouse

Lyrics, music, and quote image catfish and the bottlemen and van mccann image

(m) mind over matter ; young the giant

(n) no.1 party anthem ; arctic monkeys

(o) olivia ; one direction

(p) pretty girl ; clairo

arctic monkeys, alex turner, and music image Image removed

(q) quixoticelixer ; red hot chili peppers

(r) read my mind ; the killers

(s) stuck on the puzzle ; alex turner

(t) trouble ; cage the elephant

quotes, indie, and submarine image brandon flowers, indie, and Lyrics image

(u) undone ; weezer

(v) video games ; lana del rey

(w) wiped out! ; the neighbourhood

(x) x & y ; coldplay

(y) yes i'm changing ; tame impala

(z) zombie ; the cranberries

the neighbourhood, the nbhd, and music image band, rainbow, and music image

so this is it. i missed a lot of songs that i love cause i couldn't put more than one song on each letter. but i guess the playlist is really complete cause all of my favorite artists are there.

thanks for reading! if you we have similar music taste and you want to fangirl about it you can always send me a message here or add me on snapchat: @lettucexriana

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