I am the cat girl..

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Hello, thanks for all the recognition!

In this weheartit article I'm gonna tell you how you can know if a person is the write one for you! But it's very important to know yourself first, who you are, what you like to do.. My goal is to help people, thats why that I'm doing articles.

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just kidding..

1- Smile. The lips move when he/she see you.

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2- Always give postcards, little or the biggest gifts

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3- Your feelings are not silly and are important!

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4- Plann the future

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5- Respect your soul and body.

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6- Try to like your family.

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7- Can see your qualits and faults and want you to be a better person

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8- Made you forget the others. Because your lover is perfect to your eyes.

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9- Our soul and body are the same

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10- You smile a lot and if cries, is just for hapiness.

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11- The moments are at the same time funny,lovely,cute and

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Remember that this depends, are not rules. Alwalys follow your heart!
kisses cat girl.

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I wish that I could made a dedication for my lover and friend.. my boy