We all have been trough this or we will be.
They say that they care about you,and they will always be there for you.
But who's the first to tell someone,your fears,your mistakes,your dreams,your pain?
They.Your "friends".
You told them that you don't like this,you can't handle this anymore.You told them that this is hurting you.You were the first to catch them when they fall.And what did they did to you?
They talked about you behind your back.
And if you would not have known it,they would do this to you until they are tired of it.
You cried beacuse,you didn't tell what are they doing to you,to your real friends or your family.
You thoght that they can't understand your situation.
And when you finally told someone,they understood you.And they were there for you not like your ''friends''.
Your ''friends'' said:''Oh come one,don't said that a word hurt better than a hit''
Of course.They don't know what a WORD does to a human.
One wrong word can KILL a human.
But of course about them no one says anything.
Because they are ''perfect''.
I'm not perfect.
You're not perfect.
Nobody's perfect.
But there are some people who have humanity in them not like these ''friends''.
You don't need them.Let them be who they are.
Karma will catch up on them;)
Be with your REAL friends:)
Be happy and smile:)
And IGNORE the fake.
I know it's hard but,if you don't try it,will never be easy.
But to tell the truth.
These ''friends'' in deep down they suffer.
But it's easier to talk about other's problem's.
So be happy.
Live's not easy.
But it's not hard if you have someone to catch you when you fall:)

Image by 안해