Hi guys! So, one of my favorite things to do in life is traveling! I feel like its the best way possible to learn about a lot of new things.

Here is a little list of the top 10 places that I want to go one day! Hope you like It.

1) Thailand:

lights, night, and beautiful image Image removed bangkok, destination, and freedom image Image removed

2) India:

Image removed india, color, and festival image Temple, architecture, and india image Image by Paula

3) Peru:

colorful, machu, and model image machu picchu, mountain, and travel image girls, things, and travel image karaoke, lima, and Melissa image

4) Mexico:

dia de los muertos and mexico image food, tacos, and delicious image hat, mexico, and travel image mexico, women, and mujeres image

5) Marroco

luxury, morocco, and travel image morocco image beautiful, place, and hollydays image camel, desert, and Sahara image

6) Iceland

amazing, magic, and iceland image adventure, earth, and nature image iceland, winter, and landscape image bag, clouds, and iceland image

7) Cuba

beauty, vintage, and havana cuba image car, city, and sky image cuba, style, and travel image Image removed

8) China:

china, 中国, and 2017 image china, lost, and relax image pink, chinatown, and chinese image new year image

9) Croatia:

travel, nature, and water image Image by Lambert Kenneth flowers, travel, and Croatia image adriatic sea, bath, and beach image

10) Egypt:

egypt, pyramid, and sunset image egypt, sphinx, and giza image Temporarily removed Image removed

I surely hope to visit all of them and way more!
And you, where would you like to go?

Wanderlust (n):
a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel and explore the world.