You Might Want To Read This

Okay, so we all know that Apple made some changes to their filters on iOS 11 and replaced all the filters with new ones. One of their old filters were very popular on We Heart It and also on Instagram.

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Some people built their Instagram feed with that filter and suddenly it's gone...?
And we know Apple, it will never come back, like the aux cord, lol.

But I've got an answer to you.

Sometime ago I found a program where I can convert any filter on my phone or wherever into LUTs. LUTs are filters or color profiles for Photoshop or Premiere.
So if you have a Photoshop, problem is solved.

Here's a link where you can download this filter.

When you are editing your photo, you need to tap this icon and you'll find the LUT from finder.


If you got any questions just comment them and I'll answer! :)