Hi everyone, hope your week has been going great so far. Before we start, here's a small introduction--
Lilith is an asteroid that reveals your darker qualities, as well as your powers, your flaws, and your weaknesses. Lilith is meant to bring power to you that you must learn to balance and nurture, otherwise the darker qualities will become destructive and devastating for you. Lilith is not meant to harm you, but to teach you when it is okay and when it is not okay to reach within yourself and harness her power. Use it wisely. After all, our weaknesses are meant to become our strengths.



Power: courage, bravery, confidence, assertion, motivation

Dark Qualities: anger, dangerous impulses, wrath, violence, jealousy

Weaknesses: insecurity, lack of self-esteem and self-identity, recklessness

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Power: control, beauty, creativity, persuasion, comfort

Dark Qualities: over-indulgence, possessiveness, obsession, materialism

Weaknesses: deep fear of losing values and possessions, tendency towards obsessive habits such as eating disorders, hoarding, etc.

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Power: communication, intelligence, curiosity, adaptability

Dark Qualities: manipulation, blackmailing, cold emotions, criticism

Weaknesses: anxiety, confusion towards self-identity, inability to connect emotionally

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Power: nurturing, caring, emotional, protective

Dark Qualities: vengeful, grudge-holding, emotionally manipulative, projects insecurities onto others, possessiveness/clinginess

Weaknesses: broken family/home environment, deep emotional issues, feels victimized and hopeless

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Power: confidence, creativity, self-expression, charm, bravery

Dark Qualities: uses others for personal gain, envy, jealousy, mood swings, does dramatic things for attention, vanity

Weaknesses: their pride and ego, family issues, their material possessions, cannot stand change

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Power: intelligence, resourcefulness, responsibility, modesty

Dark Qualities: cynical, controlling, spiteful, judgmental

Weaknesses: criticism from others, not receiving praise for their work, rejection, stomach and mind related illnesses

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Power: beauty, elegance, justice, enticement

Dark Qualities: co-dependency in relationships, selfishness, compulsive lying, coaxes others to get what they want

Weaknesses: rejection, humiliation, neglect, gaining a bad reputation

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Power: intuitive, pleasurable, intimidating, passionate

Dark Qualities: manipulation, violence, aggression, lying, enjoys getting reactions out of others

Weaknesses: feels empty and alone inside, trauma and neglect in childhood, fear of losing control

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Power: philosophical, free-spirited, sophisticated, open-minded

Dark Qualities: boastful, reckless, careless, blunt, impulsive, rebellious, short-tempered

Weaknesses: feeling controlled or tied down and literally that’s it

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Power: control, responsibility, determination, ambition

Dark Qualities: bitter, materialistic, self-destructive, tendency to blame others for their problems, cold-hearted

Weaknesses: issues with parents and authority figures stemming from childhood, is hard on themselves, criticizes themselves harshly

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Power: original, sophisticated, daring, revolutionary

Dark Qualities: rebelliousness, superiority complex, apathy/indifference towards others, prone to causing drama to seek excitement, nerve/mind related illnesses

Weaknesses: restriction, boredom, conformity

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Power: intuition, psychic ability, compassion, creativity

Dark Qualities: self-pitying, sensitive, isolation, tendency to use drugs/alcohol to escape, lost in life, confused, sorrowful

Weaknesses: their self-image, reality, emotional instability

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