What do they want now? the man asked himself as he stood to speak with a messenger.

“Yes?” he asked.

The messenger said nothing, and just thrust a note into his hand. Before departing though, he said briskly, “Destroy the note as soon as you’ve read it. It should say so on the note too. Good day, and good luck.”

Good luck? the man thought to himself as he sat back down again. He had just come back from a mission and he was exhausted as hell.

Opening the note and expecting another order, he read the note glumly. However, once he finished, his mouth was open in a gape: What was he going to do?


“Agent K! You’ve been called by the chief!”

Agent K tiredly pulled himself up and walked over to the chief’s office. Unsure of what awaited him, he knocked on the door quickly, and was soon permitted to enter.

The office was simple: not too much junk, yet just enough necessities. The chief gestured to a chair, and the agent took the seat.

“I’m pretty sure you’re confused right now.” she started, “I know you’ve just come back from an assignment, but we’ve got another one for you.”

“It’s fine.” he replied, “But do I have to get started on it immediately?”

“I wouldn’t say no, but I think it would be best if you could start this task as soon as possible.”


“We’ve recently discovered that there’s a spy lurking around here. You’re to get rid of him or we may lose this war.”

“Who is it?”

The man’s palms had started to sweat; would she give him the name he had been suspecting all along?

She thrust a pile of files towards him and a name stared up at him: Phoenix.

He was doomed. What was he going to do now? This time, he might have to actually disappear for good.


The note read:
Don’t waste time: we’ve got a war to win. We need you to eliminate another agent we’ve found lurking among our ranks. He goes by the name of Agent K. Files are in my office, make sure to stop by.
From Chief, to Phoenix.


I’ve just finished two missions, one for each side. How in hell, am I supposed to kill myself at the same time and still stay alive for both sides to know I’ve done my job...and killed my other alias?

Inispired by a prompt found online. I didn’t know how to get the prompt’s idea across so hopefully the last bit made it a bit more clear. :)