1. A watch.

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2. Curling wand.
I love to curl my hair for a really cute look.
Here's a list of good curling wands:
- Nume: magic curling wand
- Nume: classic curling wand
- Nume titan 3 (This 3-in-1 tool includes the 19 mm, 25 mm and 32 mm, so you're always good ;) )
- Jose Eber: clipless curling iron.

3. Jewelry.
I think jewelry is the perfect way to make your outfit on point.

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4. Make up.
Of course.

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5. Clothes.

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6. Laptop/Phone.

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7. Tattoo/piercing.

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8. Bed/room decor.

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9. Drawing materials.
To make beautiful drawings, a bullet journal or a diary.

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10. Make up brushes.

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11. Nail polish.

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12. Chocolate.

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13. A bag.
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14. Victoria's secret stuff.

15. Perfume.

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Thanks for reading the article guys!!