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As long as I remember I was always in love with writing. Most of the time I felt out of place like I was from a different universe. I felt like an angel in purgatory. (and oddly enough Angelic things have always lured me. I sometimes dream of angel wings, movies including angels and time travel were always the ones I had strange obsession with, and when I draw something the first thing my subconscious spits out is a pair of angel wings) Sometimes, I wrote about places that I saw in my head, places I would rather be. Other times, I wrote about my feelings, to get it all of my chest. My biggest wish ever was to be heard. I had so much to say, because I simply feel like I think differently from others. However, I'm not ashamed of how different my thoughts are. Sure, it caused a few problems here and there. Mostly in classrooms, in class discussions are hard. I usually see what others don't, so if I speak my mind I have to go against the whole class. I'm pretty confident in myself, so that's not a big problem for me. I'm a natural leader, and prone to speak my mind. If anything it even amuses me.
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But I wasn't always like this. A year ago I was the girl hiding in the shadows, afraid to speak my mind. Scared of the world, scared of society. I've come a long way since then. I'm simply doing this to have fun, because why not? We should learn to do more things spontaneously. Leap in head first, and do things just for the sake of it. So this is the beginning of the blog of an angel in purgatory.