Hi guys how are you? I hope well, honestly today I feel very tired and sleepy but do not worry, I'm here for you to answer the fourth question of this challenge.
I think it's time for me to wake up!
Let's go!

4.List 10 things you would tell your 16-year-old self if you could.

Well, if I could talk to myself about the past I think I would tell her many things! So, I start!

1. To begin, I would say to myself that I must love myself because I am a good person and I am worth.

2. I would say to myself that I do not need to beg the friendship of people who do not appreciate me and not be sad, because the right people come when you least expect it.

3. I would say to myself never to give up, to fight even when everything seems to go wrong. Never stop believing in what is important to me.

4. I would say to myself that I have to be a more positive and optimistic person. That a wrong day is not a wrong life and that there is a remedy for everything.

5. I would say to myself that I am not alone, that there are many people who love me and who are always ready to help me.

6. I would say to myself that I have more confidence in myself and believe in my abilities. That I am not inferior to anyone.

7. I would say to myself that I lmust ove my body, that I am a beautiful girl and that there is nothing wrong with me.

8. Then I think I would say to myself not to make choices too rash, to think carefully before doing something and that good results are obtained if done with the right timing and not with hasty.

9. I would say to myself to appreciate what surrounds me and what I own because it has a very great value, especially to take care of the people I love.

10. And finally, I would say to myself to take care of myself, never allow myself to hate myself and think bad things about who I am and what I will become.