My article called TATTOOS TO ME I told that since I started getting tattooed, I haven't stopped. I got my last tattoo yesterday and I have a new appointment booked all ready. So you can say that I love tattoos. Right now I have eight tattoos. Some small, some big, some really visible, some a bit more hidden.

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So do I regret any of my tattoos?
The answer is yes. I regret one all the time. Not because of what or where it is, but because of how it's done. I love the tattoo and what it stands for, but it's done poorly. And unfortunately it can't be fixed. So I probably will get it lasered off some day.

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What about do I regret getting tattooed all together?
Answer to this is also a yes. Sometimes I do. But this is normal, I thing every tattooed person regrets their tattoos sometimes. Still 98% of the time I love my tattoos.

How do I handle the times when I regret my tattoos?
Every time that feeling comes I do understand that it will only last for a short period of time. Usually from a day to a week. Then I wear clothes that hide my tattoos and I just try not to think about it. Also I usually go to instagram and WHI to look at other peoples pictures who have tattoos and I will fall in love of them again.

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