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Dear reader,
Today has been a tough day.

Eva got in a fight again. She will never learn that she should not care what others think. Her opinion should come first. She really needs to grow some thick skin, love herself a bit more and understand that this life is never going to treat us right. Might as well trust a few people.

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About Louisa.. she keeps weighing herself. She's watching what she's eating every moment and vomits everything she eats. I think she got an issue. It must be because she feels less valued. She's not fat at all. And I'm sure even if she was, that wouldn't matter. When will people realise that mostly, it's what kind of person someone is matters more over looks... It's sad. She thinks she's not worth it just because she's been told so by an asshole who never appreciated anyone or anything in life.

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Ben, well he's also holding on somehow... his parents. They are going through a tough patch.. and I know, it's not my business so why am I even mentioning it? It's just the way people look at him ever since everyone found out when he got drunk at a party. It's strange you know. From the way he carries himself to the way everyone started avoiding him for no reason. It's messed up. What kind of people are we? No matter what, be kind always. You never know what someone is going through.

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Susanne, well.. she found out Dom has been sleeping with her best friend all along. It wasn't friendship. I could imagine how it crushed her. She's depressed now. Two knives at once.. I hope she knows that she'll be alright. If its not alright at the moment, it will be. Storms don't last forever darling.

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Thea.. she doesn't handle big crowds well. Shes got social anxiety.
Yesterday, when the teacher called her out to stand in front of the board and solve an equation, she started panicking and I think she had a hard time breathing. Yeah, she doesn't have much friends and she's insecure, but then again, aren't we all? I really hope she finds a way to cope. I hate seeing her like this, I understand.

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Patrick, well he's addicted to pills. He has a hard time focusing lately, so he swallows one immediately and gets to work.
He's been recieving a lot of pressure. His parents are very strict and they expect him to do excellent in school if he thinks about being successful. I see him everyday at the library, reading each and every page carefully, writing things down, analyzing... It's not healthy. I don't think he got some decent shut-eye for a week. It's really bothering me and I can tell it's bothering him too. School is important, but your health should be first. Organise yourself and study regularly. Drink some water and breathe

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Me, A Wallflower. I see all these little things that surround me but say nothing. I just spectate. I want to let everyone know that you can help yourself if you're like my friends. There's hope and help for everyone. You can change your life. Don't be a spectator like me, be a player. Do it for yourself. Don't let life play you

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