I'm sorry
I made you cry
I made you mad
I made you scream

You think I hate you
But I don't
I can't express myself
I'm not heartless
I'm not cold

that's not true
you know it
but you still got hurt
I didn't mean to
I hate myself for hurting you

I want to tell you
how much I love you
But I can't
the words are there
but why won't my voice come out?
Why are emotions so difficult?

I want to tell you
so so much
how much I care for you
that i'm sad inside
I will tell you
please wait for me

I want to go back in time
everything was so easy
But growing up I'm hurting people
and I'm getting hurt
But of all people
I don't want you to get hurt
Forgive me for being stubborn

I'm sorry
I wrote this for you
and soon I will tell you
please wait for me
don't leave me
lets go back to that time