How to find your personal style.
Defining your personal style can be task.Honestly it becomes very difficult because styles cannot be too simplistic or narrow they are often in complex patterns and amalgamation of different categories of styles.
Styles are ever changing and evolving but the central idea often remains constant.So lets start exploring what speaks to you and what you vibe with.Here are few tips to help you define your own personal style.

1.Seek Inspiration.

Jot down the names of your favorite fashion and style icons,brands,bloggers, Instagram famous individuals do a little research on them.
Make a board or collection on your Pinterest or whi and start saving outfits you like.
Jot down the qualities u like in the outfit you save.
These qualities are what you incline to.the most frequent qualities are your vibes.
You may like chic and clean from a fashion icon,hippy look of a brand,minimal and feminine look of a blogger.
So hey combine all these qualities and expirement with your style.

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2.Stock up on accessories

We all know accessories can elevate any can wear simplest of the outfits and pair it with heavy accessories and boom you're good to go.
Also, it's not always about the clothes,it's about the accessories,how to carry it,how comfortable and confident you look too.

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3.Be authentic and trust your instincts.

Most of us have a tendency to restrict ourselves when we are on this process of defining our personal style.Hey girll.Calm it down!You do not have to restrict yourself to any of these categories. most of the times we come across amazing pieces but are hesitant to buy it only because you have already decided to stick to the chic style.
No babe.You do not have to think twice if you think you'll rock a particular outfit go ahead and buy it.Style is ever changing it keeps evolving maybe you'll discover a completely new style you had no idea about before.So be authentic trust your instincts try what u want.experiment,be who you are,or who you want to.but do not ever underestimate or be ashamed of who you are.

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4.Get your basics right.

Any wadrobe or style has basics make sure you have the right basics and once you do strat building your style slowly.Add new items and this will define your personal style gradually.For eg.have good pair of denims, boots,shoes,t-shirts.the add few statement jewelry,belts, camisoles,scarfs, sunglasses etc etc whatever you like.

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5.Define your signature wear

It can be your signature shoes,sunglasses,dainty personalised neckpiece,rings whatever you like.
So tht u can just throw it on when u can't think of any outfit.
It can be plain white turtle neck shirt with highwaist denims,a pair of funky colored casual shoes,a pair of sunglasses and you are good to go

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Most of us wear makeup and we have different preferences to the type of looks.
I personally love natural glowy a makeup look can elevate your style too.
You can also make your own personal signature make up look.

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Here are some links to understand your styles more better.But these guides are too narrow many a times our styles are complex and we don't fit into such narrow and simple categories.but hey.we can still seek inspiration right?.

A guide to classic style.

A guide to chic style.

A guide to bohemian style.

A guide to whimsical style.

I hope you guys enjoyed this article and found it helpful too
Feel free to hit me up if you need someone to talk to.

Love you always,