A challenge about analyzing oneself, where I can even look up different meanings and symbolism? (I mean that wasn't necessary for this but whatever now I know the symbolic meaning of a hedgehog)

Creator of the challenge

1. If you were a Shoe?
I would be black boots or black Converse: dark and comfy.

shoes, black, and boots image autumn, shoes, and converse image

2. If you were a moment?
I would be that moment when you are so absorbed in a book that you forget that you are reading, that moment when you forget that what you are imagining in your head isn't actually real.

book, girl, and library image book, girl, and library image

3. If you were a Place ?
This may sound a bit boring but I would just be my home. Just the house that I live in with my family. With all the changes and turbulence going on in my life right now I really started to appreciate spending time at home.

4. If you were a feeling?
Most of you may not know this feeling but I would be the feeling you get when you played the guitar for a really long time and your fingers start to hurt a little.

guitar and music image guitar and music image

5. If you were a Song?

Death and the Maiden by Franz Schubert

6. If you were a Book?
This is a really hard one. Almost like picking your favourite book. Therefore, I am going to choose a book, that has been on my shelf as long as I can remember, which my mother read to me, when I was little and I read for myself later on.
It is an old collection of fairy tales and let's just say, that they are not the Disney versions of the stories.

book, fairy tale, and grimm image once upon a time and disney image

7. If you were a season?
Without a doubt: I would be winter with a lot of white snow.

animal, forest, and fox image Image by eladvi

8. If you were a View?
Looking out the window through the pouring rain. Just watching the raindrops fall to the bottom and the water cascading down the streets.

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9. If you were Famous
If I were famous I would like to be a role model for little girls. For girls who don't believe in themselves who think that because they are girls they could never be smart enough to pursue a career in mathematics, physics or chemistry. For girls who heard too many times, that they are not good enough and now they can't get it out of their heads.

girl, female, and future image girl, quotes, and woman image feminism, feminist, and girl power image Image by cecilia ❤

10. If you were a Weather?
I would be that moment before a storm, when you are still not sure if it will rain, if lightning will strike, if the waves will swallow everything that will go to the see or if the sun will break through.

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11. If you were an Accessory?
That one piece that you have since you were a child. The earrings you don't remember getting, that ring that doesn't even fit on your little finger anymore, the necklace you lost on your first day of kindergarten and can't even remember how it looked, just how much you loved it.

accessory, boy, and childhood image Image by Mariana Nicolle Blondet Cornejo

12. If you were a Clothing?
I am not sure what these pants are called because I always revere to them as my "Aladdin Pants".

etsy, baggy pants, and genie pants image etsy, jumpsuit, and harem trousers women image

13. If you were a Drink?
Just tea. No matter what kind of tea. Which is because I can never remember which tea I am having at the moment.

Temporarily removed tea, vintage, and cup image

14. If you were a Color
Because Black is the obvious and boring answer, I am going to pretend that black is not a color just for this short moment.

beautiful, fashion, and губы image background and black image book, feather, and vintage image Image removed black, hand, and origami image Image by Fernando Kleinau
(Although if I were a color I would be a really really dark black. That kind of dark that makes you afraid of getting attacked by whatever is hiding behind it.)

I think the color is either called scarlet red or wine red. It's the dark red color of wine, the dangerous lip color of the most powerful women in a movie, the person you don't want to mess with, the blood that doesn't show on a scarlet red shoes.

wine, red, and theme image fashion, outfit, and red image february, petals, and red image mac, lipstick, and makeup image dress, red, and outfit image red, tree, and nature image

15. If you were a Moment of the day?
The moment when the moon comes out, isn't at it highest point yet but on its way there. This moment changes so much because in winter you can already see the stars while in summer there is often still too much sunshine to even realize the moon is already on its way.

moon, sky, and pink image moon, night, and purple image

16. If you were a Quote?

“I am haunted by humans.”
― Markus Zusak, The Book Thief

17. If you were an element?
I don't know.
Either Water or Earth. I always change my mind about this but at the moment I tend more towards Earth.

nature, forest, and mountains image beautiful, botanical, and earth image

18. If you were an Activity?
Reading and Writing.

book, grunge, and vintage image vintage, writer, and typewriter image book, library, and read image book, words, and hand image

19. If you were an Emotion
Curiosity or a thirst for knowledge if you really see a difference.
The feeling you get in the middle of the night, when you all of the sudden just have to know what the capital of Papua New Guinea is (it's Port Moresby), when you are overwhelmed with the feeling that you now have to learn the Morse alphabet (.... ._ ._.. ._.. _ _ _ ) or the reason why you spent way too much time learning unnecessary stuff. (and with you I mean me)

book, sky, and moon image book, girl, and library image

20. If you were an Object?
A black pen; to write, draw and create.

art, black, and black&white image black, book, and color image

21. If you were an Animal?
I am not sure, but right now I would say, I would be a Wolf.

wolf, animal, and forest image wolf, animal, and nature image

22. If you were a Body Part?

art, black, and draw image asia, asian, and chopsticks image

23. If you were a Date Night?
Not really into dating. How about just reading together?

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24. If you were a TV Serie?


Daria, people, and stupid image Daria, quotes, and black and white image

25. If you were a Fictional Character?
This is really hard. I would say a mixture of Ari (Aristotle and Dante discover the secret of the universe) and Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle)

“The problem with my life was that it was someone else's idea.”
― Benjamin Alire Sáenz, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe
quote, quotes, and ronan image lynch, ronan, and trb image
Ronan Lynch (The Raven Cycle by Maggie Stiefvater)

26. I you were a Dessert?
Chocolate or fruit cake

chocolate, cake, and food image food, fruit, and cake image

27. If you were a Flower?
Crocus, just because they were my favorite flowers growing up. Back then I thought, they were always red.

crocus, flower, and nature image crocus, flower, and spring image

28. If you were a Scent?
The scent of old books. The smell that comes to you right after entering an old library.

book, smell, and quotes image book, livro, and coffee image

29. If you were a Superhero?
Does Edna Mode count? Because she is awesome and she doesn't run or do anything outside of her mansion. That speaks to me. Also I am as friendly and as empathetic as her.

Edna, incredibles, and The Incredibles image disney, The Incredibles, and edna mode image
disney, The Incredibles, and gif image

30. If you were a School Subject?
French or English (both as a foreign language) or maybe even Mathematics.

paris, city, and europe image london, city, and Big Ben image

31. If you were a Fabric?

Image by alisonstyles2244_1 blogger, fashion, and fake leather image

32. If you were a Flavor?
If I were a flavor, I would be strawberries with chocolate on top.

strawberry, chocolate, and food image chocolate, food, and delicious image

33. If you were a part of Nature?
The tree that is perfect to climb on. The one where you always thought of building a tree house on top of it, although there is not enough room for that.

природа, лето, and белка image boy, tree, and legs image

34. If you were a Word?

truth and quotes image Temporarily removed

35. If you were a mythical creature?
A fairy. Because sometimes it just feels like I am too small for all the emotions inside of me.

"Fairies have to be one thing or the other, because being so small they unfortunately have room for one feeling only at a time."
―J. M. Barrie, Peter Pan
fairy, magic, and fantasy image Mature image Image removed Image by Joanna

This was harder than I thought it would be. Hope you liked it.

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