Hey. It's 5.55am. I can't sleep. My sister was breathing funny so I thought she was having a bad dream and I couldn't possibly sleep peacefully. I can't stand the thought of something happening to her. She's like an embodied angel. So pure and clean. Sometimes I think she's too good for this planet. For anyone. She doesn't see it though. That breaks my heart. I wish she could see herself through my eyes. She's so warm and her presence feels so good. Her eyes are pure gold with hints of dark green that makes you feel like you're looking at the landscapes of Amazonian forest meeting the sands of Sahara deserts. Tiny freckles painting her nose so effortlessly. You couldn't possibly not like that little one. She's feels like laughter and happiness and all that is pure sometimes it makes me want to cry. It's like when you're looking at something so beautiful and raw and you wonder if it should even be here with us, the people.
Her olive skin and long sleek brown hair with hints of gold make her look like she's glowing when rays of sunlight bathe her.
She says things that make me laugh so hard that the tears would run down my face. She's the only one who can do that. She goes with me anywhere and anytime without asking why. She's the one who cries when I cry. She's the one who makes me feel whole when I can't even feel my presence in this world as if I'm shattered in million pieces. She puts them back in place. All of it. She does that. And how is that not enough? I know you're reading this so tell me. How is that not enough? How can you possibly oversee all of that and even dare to think that something is wrong with you? That you're not good enough? You were good enough since the day you were born. You get so lost in all those book characters you read and write about that you overlooked the fact that you're one of them. It takes so much courage to pour your heart out on paper, let alone share it with the world. I can't even begin to tell you how proud I am.

You know I have a hard time keeping a habit so this is probably the first and the only thing I write, you do it so much better anyway😊
You, my little one, truly are an Angel. Don't forget that.

I love you so much,

Your big sis.😊