Sometimes I feel that I spend too much time in my room with my phone in my hand, and lately I’ve felt that I need to do something about it. I wish I could be more creative and find activities to do with my friends. Not necessarily something big and extra, but just something else then get together and sit on our phones. I have fixed my room at least 10 times since 2017, I never seem to find “the perfect” way to decorate it. It’s pretty clear that I need something to fill my days with.

I recently started to take yoga classes to get some time to completely get my mind off things. I find it very nice and calming. I can disappear in to my own world and let my thoughts take me away to places that doesn’t really exist. Unfortunately, this isn’t enough to take up my time, I need to do something social with friends too, as I am I human who love to talk 24/7. I need to express myself, and I would love to try something new.
I really hope someone out here would send me a message or something with ideas to help me! I would really appreciate.

Love from Milena<3