Ever since I was a child I’ve always loved watching Japanese, Taiwanese and Korean Dramas and the thing is I will only watch those that interest me (of course Maria, of course!). But there is this one drama that really struck through me and I’ll never ever get tired of watching it and that is (drum roll please..) Hana Yori Dango, the Japanese version of Meteor Garden. So, why should you watch it? Let me explain:
1. Feminism
If you are against feminism then I guess this one is not for you. Why? Because it shows how powerful us women can be. Take the mother of Tsukasa for example, she runs the Domyouji group, powerful enough to destroy and build connections through her wicked ways. Makino is also one of my favorite example of a feminist, although their school is run by F4 you can see that she is not afraid to fight them and even declares war against them!
2. Brotherhood
F4 is a group of 4 boys with different personalities. Tsukasa, who is someone who seems angry at life but is really a softie inside, Rui the mysterious and quiet type, Akira who is a playboy who likes girls older than him and Soujiro, who likes tea and is also a playboy. I like their friendship so much because whenever they are mad at each other they will find a way to fix them. Thus, you’ll find it really funny and sweet once you know the reason as to why they fight.
3. Family
There will be lots of family centered scenes in this drama. I like it because Makino’s family is such a cutie and I like how she really strive to do things for her family and I like how positive and dysfunctional their family is all at the same time.
Well I hope this will convince you in watching this drama! Sayounara!