1. smile at someone on the street, it might make their day 10 times better!

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2. pick up any litter and put it in the bin, the earth will thank you!

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3. put sticky notes with positive quotes in restrooms, it might make someones day

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4. try to make sure everyone in the group feels included

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5. write nice comments on your friends social media posts, it will make them feel special!

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6. do the dishes even if they aren't yours!

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7. give a lot of complements! it costs nothing and could make someones entire day!

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8. write positive chalk messages on the sidewalk, heaps of people will see it and smile!

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9. leave kindness stones wherever you go! write a happy message on a bunch of stones and when you go out, place them on the ground!

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10. clean up your room or a part of the house/apartment, if you live with someone they will appreciate it a lot!

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11. eat little to no meat, the animals and the earth will thank you!

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12. leave a positive note in a borrowed library book!

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13. make sure all power points and lights are turned of overnight, it helps the earth!

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14. say 'thank you' a lot, to the cashier, bus driver, your mum, your friends, anyone!

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15. go through your bedroom and find things you don't use or don't need anymore and donate it to charity!

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thats it! thank you for reading my article and i hope you do some of these random acts of kindness!✧*

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