Day 20. 10 places you have visited

So I have visited actually more than 10 places but I listed my 10 favorite places here. So let's start :)

1. Alanya Turkey

turkey and alanya image

2. Istanbul Turkey

mosque, istanbul, and turkey image istanbul, kız kulesi, and sea image

3. Miami Beach USA

beach, Miami, and sun image Miami, city, and summer image

4. Dubai United Arab Emirates

Dubai, city, and luxury image city, Dubai, and view image

5. Malmö Sweden

malmo, street, and sweden image

6. Frankfurt Germany

city, europe, and frankfurt image frankfurt, german, and night image

7. Innsbruck Austria

austria, travel, and innsbruck image austria and innsbruck image

8. Venice Italy

travel and venice image venice, italy, and boat image

9. Kopenhagen Danmark

copenhagen, photography, and denemarken image

And last and special one for me is...

10 Paphos Cypros

beach, summer, and vacation image sunset and paphos image
(These pictures are taken by me)'s special because my honeymoon was in Paphos. It was so special vacation for me and my husband :)