A half smile flickered across your face before you walked away.

I stood there; breathless.

Struggling with the fact that I was unable to gather the strength to move or speak at all.

Heart pounding so loud inside my chest that I was afraid you could hear it even from the other room.

Yes, you had just stolen another kiss from me.
Like you always do.

Even though I know I can expect one of these out of blue kisses of yours anytime; it's amazing how you still manage to take me by surprise.

As if it were the first time.

But you enjoy it, don't you?
Every single time you leave me dumbfounded like that!

I see you try hiding behind a straight face and "Ahem"s but, that damn smile always gives you away.

And it makes me wonder, even after all these years.. how do you still hold that power over me?
How do you still make me go weak in my knees?

As if it were the first time.