Hello Gorgeous Souls!
Simply pick one of the pictures below and get your advice!
Enjoy! XoXo - L

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If You Picked Picture 1:

Do not despair. Every storm eventually passes... which means another will come. Again! Do not Dispair! At the end of every storm is a rainbow. Lessons will be learned, and very valuable ones. Stick wit' it!

If You Picked Picture 2:

You are very special. Do not listen to poor souls, they are still trying to find their way too, so instead try to help them! Not everyone hates you! Just don't look at a person and immediately judge. You are doing great, keep it the hell up!

If You Picked Picture 3:

You are on your way to success. Whether you already knew that or not, it is true. Your God/Gods/Godesses/Higher Self/Guardian Angel/etc. helped you pick this picture to let you know that you should keep going!

If You Picked Picture 4:

It may all seem like life is going too fast and everything is a blur so this is a reminder to (every now and then) take a deep ass breath and let it out along with any negativity. You got this!

If You Picked Picture 5:

Whether your life right now is hectic or calm, there will either be a few more curve balls thrown your way, or an extended time of peace. Either way i am assuring you both will end with a healthy balance of work and relaxation. Rest Assured

If You Picked Picture 6:

You are a beautiful and unique soul at this time in your life. Ignore everybody and every problem right now. Take some time to meditate because you well deserve it

Thanks For Reading ! <3