Hello Again!

Today's article is morning life hacks. I will link my morning routine at the end.

But anyway, onto the article!

Waking Up Hacks

funny, alarm, and snooze image
This is honestly the best comic I've ever seen. Don't snooze your alarm!
  • If you are a heavy sleeper, place your phone in a cup. This will amplify the alarm. Even better, place it across the room from your bed so you have to get up.
  • Turn your fan off or on the lowest setting if it's cold. This will keep you from jumping back in your blankets.
  • To wake up earlier, just wake up at the latest time you can wake up at and still have time to get ready. Then, week by week, increase the time by ten minutes until you reach your goal.
  • Drink ice cold water! This will really get you up and running and also water is good for your skin.

Getting Ready Hacks

room, clean, and clothes image
More like my closet was clean. After? Not so much.
  • You've probably heard this a million times, but laying out everything the night before is just so useful. It saves so much time in the morning, and will keep you from getting stressed.
  • Make sure to wash your face! Use warm water: hot water can damage your skin and cold water, while it does tighten your skin, doesn't open your pores enough to clean them. Also, pat your face dry! Use a clean, soft cloth.
  • If you wear makeup, put your everyday makeup in easy reach, in a container, or just wherever you do your makeup. This will keep you from sorting through all your makeup.
  • Make a playlist of your favorite songs that lasts as long as you have to get ready. Make sure you know what songs are your fifteen minute mark, your ten minute mark, and five minutes. This will help you stay on track and focused!

Breakfast Hacks

breakfast, fruit, and coffee image
Eat a healthy breakfast to give you energy through the whole day!
  • Please please eat breakfast! It will give you energy through the whole day! Just a friendly reminder.
  • Have to-go breakfast options ready for the week. If you're running late, you can just grab something and go!
  • Eat healthy! Add some fruit to your PopTarts, waffles, pancakes, or bagel. Put some granola on your yogurt.

That is all for today's article! Thanks for reading!


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