I already did an article on Good Habits which I'll link below if you're interested.

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1) Overthinking

Everyone does it. Some more than others. For some people, it can get quite bad and they don't know how to stop it or change it. That was me. What I do is once I recognise that I am overthinking I just tell myself to stop. This is literally not going to help the situation, it's only going to make it worse. Try this, if this doesn't help do a little research to find out what does. But you really have to try and break the habit.
overthinking is a killer.

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2) Negativity

Being negative is such a waste of time. Not only does it make you feel bad but it drains the energy around you and makes other people feel bad and it really just ruins the atmosphere.

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3) Believing in Failure

If you want to succeed this is one thing you shouldn't do. You're only going to fail if you believe you are.

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4) Laziness

It's okay to have lazy days, its okay to have a break. What isn't okay is not trying, not being productive, not working hard and expecting to see results and expecting to succeed. If you want something you need to work for it.

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5) Procrastinating

We all do it. Change that habit and start doing what you need to do. It will be over quickly once you start and keep going. Save the stress and worry.

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*6) Holding On: Holding on is more painful than letting go. Trust me on this. You're filling your mind with things you don't need anymore or things that can't be changed. Accept it and move on. Make room for things that matter.

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7) Doing things that make others happy

Of course, it's great to make someone happy, to cheer them up. Do that. What you shouldn't do is try to impress someone or make them happy with something they want you to do. For example: Say your parents want you to go to college or university because you can get a better career blah blah blah but you don't want to. There's nothing you want to study, you don't want to be at school, you want to work. Then work. Don't go to university to be miserable to make them happy. It's your life not there's.

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8) Being Judgemental

Judging someone doesn't make you a good person, a likable person. Their life is theirs so leave them and their choices alone.

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That's all of them. I hope you enjoyed :)

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