So, music is a huge part of me and often, music makes me feel alive. I feel it course through my body and break me in the most ineffable, breathtaking way. I can't be more grateful for these songs because they have made me feel alive. If you listen to them... I hope they make you feel this way too (:

(In no particular Order)

1. My Love - Sia
-This song, to me, is a brilliant way of expressing love. It's a passionate song by a brilliant singer with a beautiful melody.

2. Mermaid - Yuna
-This has touched me in a major way, and honestly I can't even tell you why. Yuna's voice is simple, yet gorgeous. She's underrated and I think more people should know about her.

3. Vor i Vaglaskogi - Kaleo
-Ugh. Can I just express how much I love this one? It's Icelandic. So, when I first heard it, I didn't understand a thing they were singing, but that didn't matter. It still made me weep and my heart could've burst any second. It's a haunting melody and the music video was so wonderful to watch for the first time

4. Fire In The Water - Fiest
-PASSIONATE PASSIONATE PASSIONATE! This one makes me feel. Like REALLY feel and that's one of the many reasons why I think it's wonderful. Plus, it's really fun to sing.

5. Youth - Daughter
-"And if you're in love/Then you are the lucky ones/Because most of us are bitter/Over someone" This one is about wanting to feel more. It's beautifully written and I can't get enough of it.

6. Goodbye - Apparat feat. Soap&Skin
-I started watching the Netflix Original 'Dark' but had to immediately stop watching it because it got really... Mature. BUT one thing that I absolutely fell in love with, was this song that played with the opening. ooo I just really like it, okay?

7. Jericho - Marc Scibilia
-Totally want this song playing on my wedding day in the far FAR future. Seriously. It's such a pretty song and it makes my heart flutter every time I sing it and listen to it. I WISH THERE WAS A FLIPPING KARAOKE VERSION

Notable Mentions

1. The Yawning Grave - Lord Huron

2. Love is a B*tch - Two Feet

3. Dying Soul - Antonio Pinto

4. One Strange World - Antonio Pinto