a daybed

room, bedroom, and indie image daybed, farmhouse, and home decor image bedroom, home, and bed image room and home image

white comforters

aesthetics, bed, and clean image b&w, black and white, and blanket image

a clothing rack

clothes, aesthetic, and room image closet, minimal, and minimalism image clothes, aesthetic, and fashion image Image removed

a tufted headboard

pink, bedroom, and room image bedroom, bench, and buttons image

white fluffy rug

shoes, fashion, and pink image beauty, heals, and live image

wall book shelves

room, bedroom, and bed image book, books, and bookworm image

shoe shelves

black hoodie, oversized hoodie, and graphic hoodie image makeup room, white chairs, and vanity tables image

gray walls

hand, shadow, and white image clothes, denim jacket, and girl image

a vanity

beauty, fashion, and goals image room, bedroom, and home image Image removed design and vanity image

a desk

home, white, and interior image white, desk, and room image white, room, and home image home, interior, and room image

large mirror

blue, large, and mirror image floor mirror ikea, floor length mirror, and floor mirrors for sale image

a picture wall

coisas, color, and cores image photo, photography, and picture image room, bedroom, and grunge image photo, memories, and polaroid image

a map

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed travel, map, and world image travel, world, and map image


book, room, and parís image art, room, and interior image

organized closet

closet, home, and white image closet, decoration, and clothes image

main inspirations for my room:

home, interior, and decoration image beauty, fashion, and goals image room, makeup, and home image home, interior, and room image