Tonight I recycle my heart,
I borrow my lips,
fill my lungs with a stranger's pain.
I allow freedom to my body,
my soul and my head.
Raise a glass to the misfits,
the heroes and pretty girls,
to the love we wasted
and the love that will come
because tongiht,
tonight I promise you an eternity
of love,
of fun,
of pleasure...
Sloppy kisses, tears and angel dust.
Friday night and I fall in love,
I don't mind the aftermath.
I'll take the best out of you,
pour you in a glass and drink you whole.
We'll belong tonight
like pieces on a puzzle.
I swear I won't regret us.
The news channel will be jealous,
reality tv will love us,
but only us will know
how we held the crumbling city,
how we used our bare hands to save the world,
how we were reborn.
The new brokenhearted legends.