I saw him today. It has been a few months. I want to pretend that he was once mine but he wasn't. He was never mine. All this time he had eyes on her. He had eyes on the girl that he loves. Of curse, i understand that that is how love and relationships work, but why? Why did he have his arms around me the whole night? Why did he pretend that he cared? Why did he lure me in? I will admit, i have never been in love before, but is this how it works? For a night you're allowed to forget about the one you love just because you think another girl is pretty? He let me get attached even tho he was attached to her. And the funny thing is, he still texts me. He still has the courage to ask me about my day. I would want to be mad at him for doing this, but damn i would do anything to live that night again.